Engineering and Architecture

What is Co-Op?

"CO- OP", which stands for "Cooperative Education Program", is an integrated education model that brings together the University and the Business World .The program, which has been successfully implemented by Altınbaş University since 2014, aims to experience the knowledge given at the university with the professionals of business life.

We have a total of nearly 200 contracted companies, including many sectors that continue to increase every semester. The CO-OP Education Model, carried out by the Directorate of Internship and Co-op, is implemented in our Faculties of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Fine Arts and Design, and Applied Sciences.

How is the Co-Op Education Model Implemented?

The CO-OP Education Model is applied to our students who have completed the 3rd year in our faculties that have a CO-OP Program in their curriculum.

Our students gain experience in a real business environment by working in a contracted industrial or commercial organization for 6 months between July and December.

CO-OP is not a compulsory program and students can apply voluntarily. In addition, students have the opportunity to apply CO-OP training during the academic education period.

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