Computer Engineering (English)

Message from the Head of Department

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Sefer KURNAZ

Today, computers and computer-aided systems have become an important part of our daily lives. A significant part of both our social activities and our work activities are carried out on electronic devices. Creating these electronic devices and making them available for people's needs is an important problem. Computer engineering, which is a relatively young field compared to other engineering fields, has emerged to respond to this need. Computer engineers first examine the mathematical and logical foundations of computers theoretically. Then, based on these theoretical foundations, they work on the development and management of the software and hardware of computers and similar electronic systems.
Computer engineers are employed in many different fields, especially in software and hardware manufacturing, communications, banking and finance, defense, automotive and education. The general working method of computer engineers is to understand the characteristics of the system they work on, to define the problems to be solved, to produce creative and original solutions to these problems and to create the necessary hardware and software systems in line with these solutions. Keeping up with today's rapidly developing technology and adapting to innovations quickly are important characteristics of computer engineers.
As Altınbaş University Computer Engineering department, we aim to prepare our students for business life within an education system that follows the latest technological developments and complies with international standards. Our primary goal is to train engineers who lead important projects in various sectors, carry out studies that create added value for our country, and adapt to teamwork. With our young and dynamic staff working in line with this goal, we teach our students to be open-minded, inquisitive and sociable in addition to providing the necessary theoretical and practical education.

Dr. Faculty Member Sefer KURNAZ
Head of Computer Engineering Department