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Student Ombudsman

What is a Student Ombudsman?

The Student Ombudsman's Office basically offers students help and support in dealing with common problems they face during university life. Serving as a bridge between students and the university, the Student Ombudsman's Office aims to provide efficient solutions to student requests and grievances by conveying them directly to the University Administrators.

Vision and Mission

The mission of the Student Ombudsman's Office is to raise awareness of student rights among faculty and staff in order to prevent rights violations against students, and promote responsible attitude, effort and respect towards students. The vision of the Student Ombudsman's Office is to ensure transparency, openness for continuous improvement and inclusiveness in relationship between students and faculty/staff.

A Student Ombudsman always

» Listens to students' problems.
» Receives suggestions, requests and grievances.
» Conducts an unbiased and unofficial investigation of problems.
» Provides students with information on University rules and policies.
» Analyses and defines a request or a grievance, considers options and provides students with guidance about the University rules and procedures.
» Acting as an unbiased intermediary between students and faculty/staff, s/he offers solutions using unofficial trails.
» Teaches students efficient ways to deal with problems.
» Reviews student request forms and letters; provide students with information on how to fill out official forms and write formal letters.

A Student Ombudsman never

» Acts on explicit or implicit bias.
» Changes student grades or University rules. S/he however communicates procedural issues and/flaws to the University administration. 
» Provides legal advice.

Contact Us

The Office of the Student Ombudsman is located in Mahmutbey Campus, Building A, first basement floor.

To access our office, pass through the corridor between Building D and Building A. You will see it next to the elevator, alongside the Student Clubs room.

Telephone: (0212) 604 01 00


Address: Mahmutbey Mah. Dilmenler Cd. No:26 Bağcılar/İstanbul 

You can direct all your requests and complaints to us by sending your petition, a sample of which is given below, to our e-mail address and filling out the appointment form. You can meet face to face with the Student Ombudsman's Office via Microsoft Teams or Zoom application. Click here to make an appointment.

You can participate in our survey to evaluate the service you receive from the Office of the Student Ombudsman. Your feedback will contribute to improving the quality of the service provided. Click here for the survey.

When to contact the Office of the Student Ombudsman? 

If you have an academic issue, it may be better to talk to the academic department (advisor) initially. However if you wish to share with or consult to the Student Ombudsman's Office, please feel free to visit us. At the end of our meeting, we may help you to find a way for resulotion or navigate you to the right department/staff. 

Sample Problem-Solving for academic issues

For instance, if you have an inquiry or problem on course selection, graduation etc;

1. Talk to your advisor
2. Talk to your head of department
3. Visit your Dean's Office.

Developing some communication skills shall have an impact during your education period as well as for rest of your life. When talking to the Ombudsman Office, the staff from other offices or academics; you may take into consideration some advices as follows;
1. Try to explain the issue clearly and in a detailed way. 
2. Talk to the right person to find the right solution.
3. Focus on the solution and stay positive.
4. Please keep in mind that sudden reactions may weaken the motivation of the person who is the addressee to help you.

Solution Process

» Suggestions, requests and grievances submitted to the Student Ombudsman's Office are thoroughly examined. 

» After an unofficial investigation, Student Ombudsman considers options in accordance with University rules and policies.

» If deemed appropriate, Student Ombudsman refers student to the relevant office/person that is directly related to the student's request.

» Student Ombudsman talks to the relevant office/person that is directly related to the student's request to reach a consensus about the request. Accordingly, Student Ombudsman will respond in the shortest possible time.

» Student Ombudsman may offer suggestions to other units of the University in terms of improving their decision-making process.

Sample Petition

You may use the sample petition below while applying to the Office of Student Ombudsman. Please adjust the content stated there in accordance with your personal information and your case.  Please make sure that your personal information and the date is correct. You should send it signed to this email address:

Overall, response time is 15 days for petitions. However it may be concluded faster under some circumstances. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Sample Petition 

Letter of Consent   

Your application to Ombudsman Office is investigated confidentiality in general. In order for us to investigate your case informally, please kindly fill in the online consent form below.

Upon my application to Office of Student Ombudsman,

  1. I give my consent for the investigation of my information at Altinbas University.
  2. Depending on the topic of my request or complaint, I hereby approve that my personal information (name and student number) can be shared with the necessary departments of the university if needed during the investigation.

    Letter of Consent

    Directive on Student Ombudsman Services   

    You may find the Directive on Student Ombudsman Services below.

    Directive on Student Ombudsman Services