Vocational School of Healtf Services

Prof. Dr. Turgut İPEK

Dear students
Our school was established to ensure that our university students can achieve the expectation of having a good job after graduation through the knowledge and skills they will acquire in the field of human health.
In our country, which ranks 7th in health tourism worldwide, 843 public hospitals and 489 private hospitals provide health services and 185 of the private hospitals are located in Istanbul. In our country, where the medical device park has reached 2 billion dollars, it is estimated that 150-200 million dollars will be invested in this field every year. The application of developing technology to the field of health has led to the need for teams to carry out work in this field. These teams usually consist of a large number of university-educated healthcare professionals under the direction of a physician.
Altınbaş University Vocational School of Health Services started education in 2014 with our First and Emergency Aid, Audiometry and Opticianry programs and continued education by adding Oral and Dental Health, Operating Room Services, Anesthesia and Radiotherapy programs in 2015-2016 academic year. In the 2016-2017 academic year, it continues to grow by adding 4 new programs to these 7 programs: Medical Imaging Techniques, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Medical Documentation and Secretariat.
You, who will direct your university education to the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to human health, will have the chance to have a good job as creative and competent graduates at the end of two years in the free educational environment of our university, as well as the chance to complete undergraduate education through vertical transfer.
Our academic staff, which will expand even further, and I welcome you, our valuable young people, to our Vocational School of Health Services in our Bakırköy campus to become creative and competent graduates of our qualified education programs consisting of theoretical and practical applications.

Prof. Dr. Turgut İPEK
Director of Vocational School of Health Services