Message from the Head of Department

Doç. Dr. Hakan KAYGUSUZ

Mathematics, physics and chemistry are the foundation and common language of all sciences. Therefore, it is not possible to be a good engineer, architect, healthcare professional or economist with a lack of knowledge in basic sciences. An effective knowledge of basic sciences raises individuals who are creative, questioning, and able to produce original ideas and solutions.
As Altınbaş University Department of Basic Sciences, we offer mathematics, physics and chemistry courses at undergraduate and graduate level to all faculties of our university, especially the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. In each academic year, our department offers more than 30 theoretical and applied courses to hundreds of students in three campuses of our university.
Our department contributes to the scientific literature by conducting original scientific research in basic science fields and publishes in reputable scientific journals. Our research areas include complex analysis, applied mathematics, theoretical physics, physical chemistry, biophysics and bioengineering. In addition, we are involved in interdisciplinary studies by supporting the research activities of engineering departments in our faculty.

Assoc. Prof. Hakan KAYGUSUZ
Head of Basic Sciences Department