Engineering and Architecture

Prof. Dr. Galip Cansever

Message from the Dean

​In today's world where science and technology are advancing at an unprecedented rate, the disciplines of engineering and architecture are growing even more important in finding innovative solutions both locally and globally to address the technological needs and challenging engineering and architectural problems of our rapidly globalizing world.

Home to world-class faculty, Altınbaş University School of Engineering and Natural Sciences aims to produce globally leading engineering and architects with strong competitive skills, theoretical and practical thinking abilities, capable of providing unique, innovative sustainable solutions to challenges, while assuming key roles in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams.

In line with this purpose, we are enhancing our laboratory infrastructure to offer our students high quality education designed to meet the industry's needs. The Bachelor's Degree programmes in Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design are fully taught in English and they are available to any interested candidate upon application.

The basic Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry courses, on the other hand, are offered by the faculty members of Basic Sciences Department at Altınbaş University. As of 2016, AU School of Engineering and Natural Sciences introduced five new undergraduate programmes offering Turkish-medium instruction: Industrial Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In 2020, the University launched two more bachelor's degree programme, one in Software Engineering (taught in English) and the other in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (taught in Turkish).

Prof. Dr. Galip Cansever
Dean, School of Engineering and Natural Sciences