Quality Management System and Guidelines

Since the academic year 2013-2014, we have been a faculty that is dynamic, active in scientific research and listening to students, respectful to intercultural differences, and has a policy of providing students with human values as well as professional skills and ensuring the development of social skills.
We have also adopted as a quality policy not to stay away from the technological breakthroughs and scientific developments of our age in the field of health; to carry out our own national and international research and development activities; to contribute to these fields by training researchers with their products and publication outputs and by transferring the importance of scientific work discipline and scientific knowledge in all areas of life, including medicine, to our students and young generations.
We actively contribute to the 'Health Protection and Promotion' studies, which is the quality policy of our university in the field of health, and we adopt it as our faculty policy. We are aware that faculty quality and quality policy cannot be independent from university quality and quality policy. For this reason, we operate in a way that supports both our own quality policy and the quality policy of our university and we adopt this approach as a specific quality policy. In terms of education, research, academic activities and collaborations, in coordination with our university, we determine our goals, plan the processes and follow a policy to ensure that the processes achieve the goals through internal controls.

" Education and examination directive

" Directive on exam administration, measurement and evaluation

" Vocational education directive (Term VI)

" Core Action Plan

" Education and Training Directive

" Intern Directive

" Quality Assurance System Directive

" Curriculum Commission Directive

" Examination Practice, Measurement and Evaluation Online Education and Examination Supplementary Directive