Prof. Dr. Tunç FIŞGIN

Message from the Dean

​Dear current and prospective students, and all our stakeholders;

The human reality in today's world is simply based on fertilization where a woman's egg joins with a man's sperm in fallopian tube. In this incredible journey, a single human cell gives rise to other highly skilled cells, each assigned to hundreds of specific tasks, thus leads to the birth of a human being. Tissues, organs and systems are the lead actors of this long transitional road from cell to human. In this context, medical schools are the perfect environments of learning, sharing and producing where curious young people and scientists gather together to look at this process from a holistic point of view.  

Academia is a place of knowledge and formal learning that welcomes hardworking, fresh minds of society who always seek to better understand human beings and the world using a critical way of thinking. Designed to push learners to constantly ask 'why' and 'how' of things they see around them, the academia, a place that promotes pluralism, plurivocality and freedom of thought, aims to generate knowledge, good skills, and good behaviour for the benefit of society and humankind. 
Rapidly changing their sole role of sharing existing knowledge, schools and universities are evolving into realms of consciousness where students and scholars can internalize knowledge and create new knowledge. In this academic thinking environment, a teacher acts as an eye and mind shaper equipped with a large amount of knowledge and experience, while students represent unbiased, fresh minds open to every thought and possibility.  

The average life expectancy in the world has more than doubled and is now above 80 years, rising from 40 years in the 19th century. Simultaneously changing and shaping societies, governments, natural and non-natural environments, science, but especially medical schools, have played a critical role in the fact that how rapidly life expectancy improved over time. 

Under the light of all the facts mentioned above, we must comprehend and preserve the concept of health by assuming the responsibility for touching human lives. Being fully aware of the fact that doctors will not be the only the only determinants of life when we have no longer have good health,   our aim is to use our knowledge, science and available technology to improve human lives.
As the starting points of medical practice that requires much hard work, attention and high responsibility, medical schools have been entrusted with the responsibility of producing medical graduates who respect all life forms, who try to comprehend human existence and save lives while always following medical ethics without discriminating against people on the basis of sex, religion, racial or ethnic origin. 

In this regard, Altınbaş University School of Medicine aims to produce graduates equipped with all the skills and virtues mentioned above, eager to disseminate knowledge to their own country and the world. May you always seek the good and the right in the light of science...


Prof. Dr. Tunç Fışgın
Dean of Medical School