Prof. Dr. Zeynep ÖZSOY

Message from the Dean

Dear Current/Prospective Students and Esteemed Stakeholders,

Altınbaş University School of Business offers contemporary education to its students with its International Trade and Finance, Business Administration, and Logistics Management Departments at Gayrettepe Campus, where the heart of business life beats. The quality of education in all three departments is approved by the international accreditation organization FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation), and we offer English-medium education system. In addition to increasing the academic capabilities of our students, we raise qualified and skilled young people with the project and internship opportunities we provide. We embrace different viewpoints, lifestyles, and cultures with our students from approximately eighty countries. In our education environment where international diversity is ensured, we provide education in our graduate programs as well as undergraduate departments with our productive, high-level academic staff, each of whom is an expert in their field. Furthermore, the Business Administration's academic staff at Altınbaş University reinforces these programs through their professional experience. Our academics, who maintain their ties with business life and take active roles in international and professional organizations, transfer this knowledge to our students using student-centered education approaches.
We aim to raise inquisitive individuals and researchers who possess an awareness that success in both professional and personal lives is only possib​le by developing critical thinking skills. With their high sense of social responsibility, our academic staff establishes strong relationships with business life and all stakeholders, especially non-governmental organizations, social and solidarity organizations, and professional associations. Continuously renewing its curriculum and course contents according to contemporary topics, our faculty offers its students content in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While preparing students for the professions of the future, we aim to increase the competencies and employment potential of our graduates with international certificate programs that we integrate into the courses. The Faculty of Business Administration at Altınbaş University opens students' horizons through various seminars, workshops, and other activities with an awareness that university education is possible by creating an environment and climate beyond classroom learning. Due to its central location and proximity to public transportation, our faculty is distinguished from its peers, where students can participate effortlessly in social and cultural events.
We gladly invite you to review our programs and participate in our events…
Prof. Dr. Zeynep ÖZSOY​
Dean, Altınbaş University School of Business