International Logistics Management

Message from the Head of Department

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Mehmet Gürel TEKELİOĞLU

Dear Students

Today, effective management of logistics activities has come to the fore as one of the most important factors in sustainable growth and competitiveness. With rapid globalization and increasing trade volume, the need to transform logistics activities in enterprises into an international structure has arisen. The volume of international logistics activities has increased rapidly as required by international trade, supported by advances in communication, packaging and transportation technologies, and international logistics management has emerged as an area that needs to be designed and managed in itself. Due to Türkiye's geopolitical position, international logistics has a special importance for our country as it is the transit point for many commercial activities. For all these reasons, the need for highly qualified and specialized international logistics managers is increasing day by day both in our country and in international markets.

The aim of our Department of International Logistics Management is to educate individuals with a creative and flexible mindset, effective communication skills, social responsibility, corporate and personal ethics, leadership qualities and world-class international logistics management knowledge that can adapt to the global business environment and ever-changing competitive conditions of our age. In order to be successful in professional life and to rise in the international logistics management career, our students will be equipped with both theoretical and practical applications in many areas of logistics activities, including analysis and management of logistics operations, supply chain and international logistics system design and simulation, production operations and inventory management, procurement management, distribution and warehouse operations management.

In our International Logistics Management program, in addition to the field knowledge and skills that our students will have, we will also provide them with the qualities and skills that will enable them to become individuals who are aware of continuous improvement of both the society they live in and themselves. In this context, our program aims to train graduates with leading personalities who have the following competencies:

- Effective communication skills at global level
- Flexible, innovative and creative thinking skills
- Analytical thinking and problem solving skills
- Leadership and entrepreneurial qualities
- Social responsibility and professional ethics
- Ability to communicate in a foreign language for global effectiveness

Graduates of the Department of International Logistics Management will be able to work as specialists or managers in planning, material, logistics, purchasing and other departments of international businesses, logistics service companies, consulting firms and various public and private organizations that conduct research on international trade and logistics.

Prof. Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr.Mehmet Gürel TEKELİOĞLU
Head of International Logistics Management Department