International Trade and Finance

Message from the Head of Department

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Deniz AKGÜL
Dear Students
Welcome to Altınbaş University Department of International Trade and Finance!
In today's world, international trade and finance has become a key element that connects the economies of countries and drives global economic growth. Türkiye's geopolitical position makes it of great importance in this field. That is why we are here to prepare you to step into the exciting world of international trade and build a career in this field. Interactions between globalizing economies are more important than ever. Therefore, knowledge and skills in this field will give you a significant advantage in your career.
As you know, Türkiye is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This strategic location has made our country one of the centers of international trade since ancient times. Our share in global trade is increasing every day and we want to contribute to this growth. Our department aims to equip you with knowledge and skills in this important area.
The Department of International Trade and Finance will not only provide you with theoretical knowledge, but also opportunities to gain practical experience. Internship opportunities, international projects and guest speakers from the business world are designed to help you combine your theoretical learning with real-world applications. At our University, which offers education in an international environment, there is a cultural richness among students from different cultures. There are also opportunities to engage in real-world projects to understand the complexity and dynamism of international relations, trade and finance. We aim to provide a full life of learning with lectures, seminars and events that will bring students together with leading professionals and academics in the sector and provide students with essential experience by the time they graduate.
Our graduates who successfully complete our department have the chance to obtain competitive positions in the international business world. They have the opportunity to pursue a career in many sectors such as import, export, accounting, finance, production, personnel, marketing, sales, research, administrative affairs, human resources departments of enterprises, financial institutions, foreign trade firms, customs brokerages, chambers of commerce and industry, exporters' associations and international organizations. In addition, our global collaboration networks connect our graduates with opportunities in the field of international trade.
International trade and finance is a force affecting economies around the world. As a department, we are here to prepare our students for a successful future in this exciting sector. We welcome our students with our entire academic staff to offer an educational experience full of knowledge, experience and opportunities. Our goal is to contribute to and support our students' success.
Prof. Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Deniz AKGÜL
Head of the Department of International Trade and Finance