Message from the Head of Department

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Ayşegül BAYRAKTAROĞLU GÜNER

Dear Students

Aiming for the highest standards in education, the Department of Business Administration aims to educate its students as individuals with a creative and flexible mindset that can adapt to the ever-changing competitive conditions of the global business world, effective communication skills, personal and corporate ethics and social responsibility awareness, leadership and entrepreneurship qualities and business management knowledge in accordance with world standards. This goal will be achieved with a dynamic, contemporary and superior academic staff and a meticulously prepared up-to-date education program.

A participatory and applied approach

Business management is the main function that exists in both the manufacturing and service sectors, both in private enterprises, public institutions and non-governmental organizations, in short, in every institution. Altınbaş University Department of Business Administration aims to transfer the business management knowledge and skills required by the national and international business world to its students with its participatory and applied education approach. Close communication with faculty members, educational institutions abroad and creative collaborations with industry, civil and public organizations will provide our students with various opportunities to closely monitor and personally apply business concepts and principles during their education.

All-round development of the student

The personal development, social skills and intercultural communication competencies of our students are among the priorities of the department and our education program has been prepared with these requirements in mind. In addition, our program provides our students with the opportunity to gain world culture and to develop themselves in their areas of interest with a wide range of elective courses. The personal and academic development of our students will be constantly monitored by their advisors, and they will be provided with all the qualities that an ideal university life should provide.

We invite future leaders and entrepreneurs to the Department of Business Administration.

Head of Business Administration Department