​​​​​​Compulsory Summer Internship Directives​

The internship must be done in the summer after the third year. Students can choose MAN/ITR/ILM399 Summer Internship as a course in the first semester after completing the internship. Before starting the internship, 
1-Internship application form (must be signed by the student, employer and department internship coordinator​) and 2- Declaration of health insurance forms must be completed. 
This application must be completed at least one month before the internship officially starts. The application documents must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the start of the internship.​

Upon completion of the internship, students must submit the Internship Evaluation Report (to be filled in and signed by the employer) and the Internship Report.​​

You can find all the documents required for the internship program under the "Forms and Templates" menu.​

Elective COOP Internship Program Guidelines​

Students should contact the Career Center during the summer months (July-August) to find out about suitable opportunities. The Career Center arranges interviews. If the student and the employer match and the student accepts the offer, they contact the COOP coordinator. The COOP coordinator asks for social security records and a detailed report of the experience in the company. Once again agreed with the employer, the student can choose MANC499 / ITRC499 / ILMC499 in the system.​

Please visit the COOP page for more information.​