School of Foreign Languages

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


To be a model language school in international standards with all practices, adopting a culture of science, research, creativity and innovation.


Within the scope of the knowledge, skills, and competencies specified in the Turkish Higher Education Qualifications Framework, to teach the students of the School of Foreign Languages ​​the foreign language used as the language of instruction in their faculties, at a level where they can follow the information in the field and communicate with their colleagues by using at least four language skills at the B2 General Level of the European Language Portfolio.

Our Values

  •  Empathy

Our relation with team members is based upon support and empathy.

  •  Honesty

We are proactive, fair and honest in corporate duties.

  •  Respect

We welcome different perspectives, each other and other academic and administrative staff and students respectfully.

  •  Socialization

We adopt socialization in order to maximize our energy and share our happiness and success.

  •  Positivity-Constructivism

We are always positive and constructive to ensure a peaceful working environment.

  •  Collaboration

We believe in the potential of each member of our team and work together to achieve desired outcomes.

  •  Flexibility

We are open to any suggestions regarding changes in our implementations and instructional design.

  •  Solution-Oriented Approach

We seek for solutions to problems we encounter rather than complaining.

  •  Open-mindedness

We always exchange ideas to develop academic and professional skills.​