School of Foreign Languages

Our Principles

We, the stakeholders of Altınbaş University School of Foreign Languages, have drawn up the principles of School of Foreign Languages in Academic Year 2018 – 2019. Grounded in the provisions of the Charter of Altınbaş University, an unprecedented initiative in Türkiye, our principles are shaped around the following beliefs:

We believe that high-quality scientific production is a great mean to keep the world livable for future generations, and in this context, we believe in the importance of learning a second, even a third language.

We are aware of the role of universities in terms of contributing to achieve progress, development and higher standards of living at national and global scale. We also know our responsibilities as a foreign language school in terms of providing a high quality language learning experience.

We never forget that all groups within society and all age groups have the basic human right to access knowledge and information; accordingly, we know how important it is to be able to speak and use a world language in a functional way.

We cherish the role of universities in helping spread the values that make us all human in the first place, like goodness, tolerance, honesty, solidarity, hard work, patience, self-esteem, and fairness. We also know that foreign language schools play a significantly leading role in ensuring that these values are embraced by university students who are undertaking foreign language learning.  

We make our best efforts to create and maintain a scientific environment where students and scholars have full academic freedom; and to become a scientific hub which constantly contributes to national and global scientific production. We work towards the creation of specific norms that will help foster a sense of belonging in the school and the workplace.

The Principles of Altınbaş University School of Foreign Languages comprise the following goals in the process of teaching Altınbaş University students a foreign language:

Develop and internalize the interaction method used among our stakeholders in accordance with our fundamental values, mission and vision statements,

Guarantee the rights of all our members on the basis of equality, freedom and mutual responsibility,

Strengthen the presence of a productive and harmonious working environment on the basis of modern governance principles.

As stated in the Charter of Altınbaş University, a successful outcome of an unprecedented initiative, this document has been drawn up on the basis of:

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The European Convention on Human Rights

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

The rights and freedoms set forth in the Constitution of the Republic of Türkiye

The Charter of Altınbaş University

The ultimate of this document is to ensure that the common set of basic human and moral values that has evolved throughout the history and reached the present day are fully implemented in Altınbaş University School of Foreign Languages.  



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