School of Foreign Languages

Administrative Processes

The main processes of the School of Foreign Languages ​​are summarized as follows:

Educational Processes

 1. Curriculum creation, monitoring and evaluation processes
The School of Foreign Languages ​​establishes; monitors and evaluates the curriculum, and submits proposals for improvement within the framework of the PDCA cycle to the management unit, thus contributing to the management of quality assurance system.
2. Evaluation-monitoring processes of student development
The processes include exemption, placement, mid-term follow-up and end-of-term evaluation examinations, planning, creation, implementation, evaluation, announcement of results and improvement efforts.

Research and Development Processes

Professional Development Processes

Professional Development Unit determines instructors’ professional needs by making evaluations, plans and putting the latter into practice.

Management and Administrative Processes

1. Academic Staffing
The process respectively involves determination of needs, obtaining approval, writing job vacancy advertisements, evaluation of applications, interviewing candidates and staffing.
2. Student Admission Process
Placement of registered students to Basic English Department (BED) or obtaining approval from the BED regarding student exemption from English courses offered by Turkish-taught programmes of Modern Languages Department, and international student exemption from compulsory Turkish courses offered by Modern Languages Department.​