About the Department

Altınbaş University Foreign Languages Institute Basic English Department / Preparatory School aims to provide students with enough English knowledge to carry out their academic studies in their faculties. Based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), this program aims to help students develop reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Modular system is applied in the Basic English Department / Preparatory School.

The program consists of four levels (A1, A2, B1, B2) and functions in 4 quarters each of which lasts 8 weeks. 

Placement Test

Students who enroll at the beginning of the academic year take the placement test and they are placed at the appropriate level according to their scores. Reading, listening, speaking and writing skills are assessed in the placement test. Those who get the passing grade take the proficiency test. Those who pass the proficiency test go to their faculties.​

Assessment and Evaluation

There are two types of assessment in Preparatory School, continuous evaluation and end of module evaluation. Continuous evaluation includes mid-terms, project work, assignments, portfolios and presentations. To be eligible for the final exam, students are required to get at least 65 points out of 100 and not exceed the absenteeism limit.

Final exam tests students’ ability in reading, listening, speaking and writing. The passing grade is 60 out of 100.

Objections to exam marks are taken into consideration only if they are made within 3 working days after the grades are announced. The application form for re-evaluation on the website must be filled in and submitted to the Secretariat of School of Foreign Languages through email or in person. Objectives which do not meet the deadline are not valid.

English Proficiency Test

Preparatory School students are required to get at least 60 to be able to carry out their studies in their faculties. Reading, listening, speaking and writing skills are tested in the proficiency test.

Only those who have successfully completed B2 level can sit the proficiency test at the end of each term. The English proficiency test at the beginning of the academic year is open to all students regardless of their levels.

Students who have a valid score in international exams may continue their education in their faculties on condition that they submit their scores to the School of Foreign Languages secretariat between the dates announced.

International Exams Recognized by the University

Students who enroll in undergraduate and post graduate programs take the proficiency test held by our university at the beginning of the academic year. Students who get the minimum valid score in our proficiency test or in one of the international exams recognized by the senate may start freshman year.

Validity expiration for exam scores is 2 years after the date of issue and the scores must be submitted before each fall/spring term starts.

Exam Type* Validity Period Minimum Score


TOEFL IBT 2 years 65
PTE Academic 2 years 55
CAE 2 years C
CPE 2 years C
YDS-YÖKDİL 2 years 80
EmSAT 2 years 1250

Altınbaş University DİLMER



In Preparatory School students are expected to attend 80 % of classes. Those who exceed the absenteeism limit cannot sit the final exam even if they collect enough points. Health reports must be submitted to the Faculty Secretariat within 3 working days. Health reports are considered in line with the preparatory school regulations. Health reports submitted for absenteeism are not taken into account except for those covering the deaths of close relatives (if documented), medical operations, committee reports taken from a state hospital and health reports for longer than 4 days taken from a state hospital. Health reports from private hospitals must be approved by a state hospital.​​