Students Tell: German Preparatory Program

Altınbaş University German Preparatory Program students visited the University of Cologne. During the visit, our students had the opportunity to test the language skills they acquired in the German Preparatory Program.

A visit to Germany was organized for the students who enrolled in the Turkish-German Dual Degree Turkish-German Law Undergraduate Program, one of the distinguished programs of our university, in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Providing information about the German Preparatory Program, Altınbaş University School of Foreign Languages Lecturer and Coordinator Deniz Emrah Baykal pointed out that one of the prerequisites of the program is to provide German education at the level determined by the program partner Cologne University and said:
“We continue our trainings for this purpose. In their first year at the University, our students quickly get involved in 'campus and university' life and have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience about both countries, cities, society and the joint program by going on an Academic Cologne trip coordinated jointly with the Dual Degree Turkish-German Law Undergraduate Program Directorate and the University of Cologne every spring semester.”

During the Academic Cologne trip, which took place between April 22-26, 2024, the German Preparatory Program students, who were also accepted by Prof. Heinz-Peter Mansel, Program Director of the University of Cologne, shared their notes from the trip and their thoughts on the level of their German: 

Zeynep Merve İritaş:

“I have been studying German for 8 months and I am currently at the B2 level. I successfully passed the B1 level. It is very difficult to learn a new language, so I have a lot of difficulty. German education here is a very intensive program. I am actually happy that I have reached this level in such a short time, but I still need to improve. Our trip to Germany was very nice, I didn't think I would be so comfortable and I didn't have any problems. We had lessons there and only German was spoken. It was nice and enjoyable.” 

Hilal Babur

I have been studying German at Altınbaş University for about 7 months. We have completed the B1 level at our school, but in the test we took in Germany, we came out as B2 Plus level. Before this program, I had studied German for a while in high school. I have added on to it here. It satisfies me, whether it is education or our teachers. You cannot be very sure especially about the language without talking to someone at your level, but when we went to Germany, I saw that I could easily communicate with the local people and this increased my motivation a lot.” 

Rümeysa Nur Cankara:

“I have been studying German for 7 months. We are all classmates. We are in a good place in terms of German level, but we should be much better. The program at the university is very intense. I also participated in the trip to Germany, where we attended classes and took tests. We communicated with the local people and had no difficulties in the lessons, even though our teacher only spoke German. According to the feedback from the teachers there, we are in a good place in terms of German level, but we can be better.”

Ozan Durgun

“I thought I had no language skills, but with the program and the attentive and quality education provided by the teachers, I learned German at a good level.”