University Constitution

The values that our University will apply in all its activities are included in its Constitution. The rights, freedoms and guarantees set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the Charter of Rights of the European Union and the Constitution of the Republic of Türkiye. Our Constitution, which is based on the principles of assurance and aims to implement a set of common values that have evolved throughout human history and reached today, was prepared and put into effect at Altınbaş University in 2016.

With Altınbaş University Constitution.

  • Developing and internalizing the way of interaction between our stakeholders within the framework of the core values we have adopted;

  • Guaranteeing the rights of all individuals at our university on the basis of equality, freedom and mutual responsibility;

  • It is aimed to consolidate the existence of an efficient and harmonious working environment within the framework of contemporary governance principles.

Altınbaş University Constitution