Vision and Mission

Our Vision


Our Mission

Produce people capable of adding value to themselves and the society.

The Charter of Altınbaş University

The values that Altınbaş University is committed to apply in all its activities have been set forth in its University Charter. Based upon the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as well as the principles of rights and freedoms stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Türkiye, the Charter of Altınbaş University has entered into force in 2016 and it aims to ensure the common set of values that have reached the present day by evolving across generations over the course of human history are properly implemented in Altınbaş University.

The objectives set forth in the Charter of Altınbaş University aim to internalize the manner of interaction among our stakeholders by developing and improving it as part of the core values we have adopted; ensure the rights of all members of Our University on the basis of equality, freedom and mutual responsibility; establish and enhance an efficient and harmonious work environment through modern governance principles.