Psychological Support Unit

The Psychological Support Unit aims to assist the individual, social and academic development of Altınbaş University students and employees, to facilitate their adaptation to university and dormitory life, and to provide them with the necessary skills in these areas. Altınbaş University students and employees can receive support from our unit for personal and relational problems, anxiety, depression, family and social relationships, academic and job performance concerns, difficulties, adaptation and adaptation problems, etc. All services are free of charge.

For this purpose, our unit conducts individual interviews, helps to improve individual, social and academic skills, and helps to overcome the problems encountered or may be encountered more easily. It helps to better understand the problems experienced and to get to know oneself.

Interviews last approximately 45 minutes. The time, frequency and duration of the interviews are decided together with the client. The principle of confidentiality is essential in the sessions. The information and information shared during the sessions are never shared with any other person and/or institution without the permission of the clients. However, in cases where the clients may harm themselves or someone else may be harmed, this information may be shared with third parties with the knowledge of the client in order to ensure the safety of individuals.

In addition to remedial services, seminars and group workshops are organized taking into account the needs of students within the scope of preventive and developmental services.

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