Short Film Competition Award Ceremony

The Short Film Competition organized by Altınbaş University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema within the scope of the 100th anniversary of the Republic events has been concluded. Alp Onur Ecevit, a student of Fenerbahçe University, won the first prize of 15 thousand TL with his short film titled "Mechanical Heartbeats" in the competition, which received participation from different city universities across Turkey. Sezgin Yüzay from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Radio TV Programming Department won the second prize worth 10 thousand TL with his short film titled "Smell", and Eren Bektaş from Selçuk University Radio Television and Cinema Department won the third prize worth 5 thousand TL with his work titled "Human, Stop 1 Minute". The 2 thousand TL Jury Special Prize was awarded to Ahmet Duvar from Nişantaşı University, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema with his film "Flight of Dreams".


The award ceremony held at the Gayrettepe Campus of the University was attended by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cemal İbiş, 100th Anniversary. Events Commission, Prof. Dr. Turgut İpek, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Prof. Dr. Nurcan Perdahcı, other academics and many students attended the award ceremony.


The ceremony started with the film "Turkey's Heart Ankara", which was shot by Russian director Sergey Yutkevic at the request of Atatürk for the 10th anniversary of the Republic. Speaking at the award ceremony, Prof. Dr. Cemal İbiş said, "Thanks to cinema, which is considered the 7th art, today we can see the achievements of the Republic of Turkey in 1934 and pass them on to future generations. We wish that such competitions organized at universities will increase for the development of the sector."


Head of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Gök emphasized the importance of short films for the cinema industry. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Gök stated that starting the profession with short films leads students to different thought structures and that this structure will be more effective in the cinema of the future.