Message from the Head of Department


Graphic Design is a field of visual expression at the intersection of aesthetics and communication. It aims to manage and manipulate the perception processes of human beings on a visual level in a competent and creative way; that is, it transmits a message, an idea or a product to the masses in the fastest and most effective way. In this context, Graphic Design enables the creative processes to be used effectively with the consideration of aesthetic, cultural, sociological, psychological, political, economic and technological parameters.

Especially today, new forms of communication offered by information technologies inevitably call for Graphic Design, as these new forms of communication transform the media of transmission and the perception of visual messages causing the visual culture to be in constant evolution. As a result, new sectoral fields need young and futuristic designers who will manage these innovative and creative processes at the visual level.

With these educational goals in mind, our Graphic Design Department offers a four-year undergraduate programme. Our aim is to educate our students to become the pioneer designers of the future, who can recognize the dynamics of the contemporary era, adopt authentic, creative, innovative ideas in graphic design, use their skills in cooperation with different disciplines, and thus contribute to artistic and sectoral levels on both national and international platforms. Our graduates often work in the fields of advertising, photography, corporate communications, digital media and desktop publishing.

We would like to invite prospective designers to participate in a life-long creative and innovative journey with us in the colorful and dynamic world of Graphic Design, which offers a very pleasant working environment with a wide range of job opportunities not only during education but also after graduation.

Assoc. Prof. Hülya TOKSÖZ ŞAHİNER
Chair, Department of Graphic Design​