Message from the Head of Department


The main goal of the department is to become a center of art at national and international area by means of the artistic events that will be organized and the educational programs that will be provided. Taking support from the multi-layered culture that it is based on, the Plastic Arts Department also aims to open up the way for our country in the fields of art and design while contributing to the global culture by means of the contemporary artistic designs it creates, fueled by the energy of the young people pursuing their dreams. 
The Plastic Arts Department follows a program that aims to contribute to the artistic creativity and intellectual development of its students, owing to its student-focused contemporary education and interdisciplinary approach. The department provides the opportunity to develop superior artistic individualities who possess the analytical thinking process, aestheticism, creativity, the aiming for continuous development and to spread the artistic and aesthetic appreciation to the entire society. In the educational program of the Plastic Arts Department, students willing to do so can attend preparatory English language classes for a period of one year. The four year educational process continues with area courses following the fundamental art courses provided in the first year. Experimental studies are conducted on the painting-sculpture-photography art forms and students are informed on technical materials and design. These programs, designed to develop individual work skills of students, are supported by conferences, panels, seminars, exhibitions and workshops. Theoretical courses included in the curriculum starting from the first year are grouped into mandatory and elective course groups. Presentation of the graduation project that demonstrates the creativity and artistic identity of the student concludes the four year education program. Evaluation of the graduation project is handled by a jury consisting of the members of the department staff. 
Students who successfully complete this program, which encourages multi-faceted artistic creativity based on choice, will be capable of working in the field of plastic arts and use their well developed skills.

Prof. Dr. Nurcan PERDAHCI
Chair, Department of Plastic Arts​