50 Questions about Turkish Cinema

The transformation and development of Turkish Cinema has taken various forms from the Ottoman Period to the Republican Period and beyond. At first, it found its own way with the period of theater actors, and later with directors who developed and strengthened the language of cinema, and a unique Turkish Cinema was formed.

Shaped from time to time according to the political factors of the period, Turkish Cinema also carries a sociological dimension to understand the society. The book 50 Questions on Turkish Cinema is directed towards understanding Turkish Cinema in a multidimensional way with the questions it poses both to the history of Turkish Cinema, to the directors who came to prominence in their own period and to cinema education in Turkey.

Questions about the films and directors analyzed both theoretically and technically have been answered, and thus, it has been prepared as a versatile resource for both academics working in the academic field and readers who are curious about Turkish Cinema. A chronological structure has been created from the beginning to the present day, which opens a space for the reader to generate ideas about how Turkish Cinema has developed and modernized from the very beginning.