Industrial Engineering (English)

Vision and Mission

To be a pioneering, innovative and continuously improving industrial engineering program at local, national and international level with its academic staff, students and graduates in the education, research and field application of industrial engineering and closely related subjects.

Contribution to the field: To develop scientific methods, techniques and tools for the design, management and solution of problems encountered in production, service and socio-economic systems with the aim of conducting world-class research and development in an academic environment that facilitates multidisciplinary collaborative research.

Graduate profile: To educate graduates who are competent in industrial engineering methods, techniques and tools, who have the necessary knowledge and research base for scientific development, who can think creatively and critically, who have developed teamwork and leadership skills, who have a sense of ethical and social responsibility, who can communicate globally in written, oral and visual form, who have adopted lifelong learning and self-improvement as a principle, and who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Social responsibility: To diagnose economic, environmental and social problems in cooperation with stakeholders such as public institutions, non-governmental organizations, other academic institutions and industry, to develop creative solutions to these problems using industrial engineering methods, techniques and tools, and to take an active role in the implementation of these solutions at local, national and global levels.