Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Tolga Demiryol

Message from the Dean

Esteemed students and stakeholders of Altınbaş University,

I greet you on behalf of the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences.

Today, when social life and higher education are changing rapidly, accessing the right information, making data-based inferences and choices, and most importantly, thinking critically are vital skills. The Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, which has versatile education programs that prioritize new generation skills and an experienced and competent academic staff to carry out these programs in the most effective way, acts with the mission of preparing students not only for business life, but also for a life open to continuous learning and development.

There are six academic departments within the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences: Economics, Sociology, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology and Social Work. The language of instruction in all departments except Social Work is English. In all our academic departments and programs, we follow a student and learning-oriented educational philosophy that aims to benefit from the latest opportunities and approaches in educational technologies. We aim to raise our students as individuals who are familiar with different branches of social sciences as well as specializing in their fields, have intellectual knowledge and value multiculturalism. In this context, I would like to emphasize that our university is an educational institution that stands out and produces value especially in the field of internationalization. The international agreements and exchange programs to which Altınbaş University is a party provide valuable opportunities for students who want to gain international experience.

The Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, located in Gayrettepe Social Sciences Campus of Altınbaş University, offers students and all stakeholders the opportunity to be close to the cultural, economic and social life of the city. In this context, I invite prospective students to experience the versatile educational opportunities offered by Altınbaş University on site and to meet all stakeholders of our university, especially our valuable academic staff.

I wish our students a successful, healthy and productive university life.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Tolga Demiryol

Dean of Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences