Message from the Head of Department

Doç. Dr. Akif Bahadır Kaynak

Dear Students

In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, the field of international relations has become increasingly important in understanding the social, political, economic and cultural changes of countries and societies. Being aware of and emphasizing the increasing importance of the discipline of international relations, which has an interdisciplinary character as it is located at the intersection of disciplines such as politics, law, economics, business, sociology, anthropology, psychology, cultural studies and history, Altınbaş University Department of International Relations aims to successfully prepare its students for their future academic and professional careers by ensuring that they have a strong academic and intellectual background. Our department attaches great importance to providing a holistic education to our students to ensure that they become future leaders in every field. Our students, who are trained as ethically, socially and culturally responsible and competent individuals, will have the necessary qualifications and equipment to be successful players in teamwork and to carry out independent studies.

In a rapidly changing and globalizing world order, the main goal of the Department of International Relations is to develop a critical thinking and knowledge-based understanding of the activities of governments, political and socio-economic developments, political systems and the relationships between society and politics. Our department will provide advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international relations by offering comprehensive courses on a wide range of topics such as foreign policy analysis, regionalism and globalization, European integration, Turkish politics and international political economy. Upon graduation, our students will have the ability and capacity to analyze issues and problems in world politics and the ability to present their ideas independently and effectively. In this way, our students will be prepared for graduate studies and will be able to work in multicultural and multilingual working environments such as public institutions, private sector, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and media.

The Department of International Relations aims to build strong bonds between its dynamic, diverse, international and research-oriented faculty and students and to establish an interactive educational environment both inside and outside the classroom. At the same time, our department demonstrates its commitment to intercultural harmony and dialogue by offering international mobility and internship opportunities for its students and faculty through the Erasmus program and bilateral agreements with universities from around the world. Participating in international exchange programs and extracurricular activities such as seminars and lectures by locally and internationally renowned speakers will enable our students to take an active role in the formation of shared values and understandings. Finally, in addition to its academic qualifications, our department is aware of its responsibilities towards its environment and the global community and pays special attention to the concepts of social responsibility and ethics. Our program aims to develop students' potential to become active and responsible citizens by making them aware and conscious that they are part of the local and global community.

We hope to see you in our department.