Introducing Jewelry with Artificial Intelligence

Mevaris Jewelry'snew jewelry collection Cosmos was introduced to Altınbaş University students with the model "Iris" designed by artificial intelligence.

Iris, the model designed by Mevaris Jewelry with artificial intelligence, introduced the latest collection Cosmos to the students of Altınbaş University Department of Jewelry and Jewelry Design.A new collection has been added to Mevaris designs, which come to life under the creative direction of Fatoş Altınbaş. Cosmos Collection was introduced with "Iris", a Mevaris mannequin designed with artificial intelligence. As a collection produced with recycled gold for the first time in Türkiye, the Cosmos Collection, which brings together the mystery, spiritual and symbolic meanings of the universe and galaxy with jewelry art, was watched with interest and admiration by Altınbaş University Jewelry and Jewelry Design Department students. In this way, students also witnessed how developing technology can be integrated with their own fields.

The Cosmos Collection, which consists of designs reflecting the splendor of the Milky Way, moonlight and galaxy in the depths of space, brings together many meaningful firsts such as installations specially prepared for the Cosmos Collection, artificial intelligence design mannequin and the use of recycled gold obtained from ONSA refinery.

In an era marked by accelerating technological advancements, the Cosmos collection stands as a beacon of thoughtful luxury that sets a new standard for the industry. Thanks to ONSA Refinery, a pioneer in sustainable practices, the collection not only showcases exquisite craftsmanship but also supports the conservation of resources and ecosystems.Raife Y. Eyiler, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, said that the students had many experiences with such a collection and said, "As Altınbaş University Department of Jewelry and Jewelry Design, we have witnessed that the art of jewelry is pushed to its limits with the use of innovative elements such as artificial intelligence and recycled gold. Thanks to this collection, our students experienced how new technologies such as artificial intelligence can be used in jewelry design, how sustainable materials such as recycled gold can be used in jewelry art, and how innovative and original ideas that go beyond traditional jewelry design can be put forward."The students said the following about their experiences, which they said the designs were inspiring:"The AI-designed mannequin 'Iris' and the jewelry made with recycled gold were extremely innovative and inspiring. We were excited to see such innovative designs and to be able to closely follow the developments in the art of jewelry. Inspired by this collection, we are motivated to create innovative and meaningful pieces in our own designs."