Social Media Training at Altınbaş University

Social media managers of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education MEM, RAM and BİLSEM teams were given "Digital Literacy and Social Media Training" by Altınbaş University.

İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education had 75 social media managers present at the training.

During the opening speech, Hasan Çelik, the Provincial Branch Manager of Special Education and Guidance Services, emphasized the importance of accurate identification, evaluation, and guidance in guidance research centers. He stated that correct procedures in these areas lead to parental satisfaction. He also highlighted the communication established between parents and teachers at science and art centers, emphasizing that the collaboration reflects positively on the child.

Dr. Duygu Kotan Türkden, the Student Dean of Altınbaş University, spoke about the effective use of digital media and social media, emphasizing their importance as crucial communication tools in today's world.

Sharing experiences on increasing visibility in digital platforms for activities conducted at the Guidance and Research Center and the Science and Art Center, Dr. Duygu Kotan Türkden pointed out that guidance counselors, parents, and students are different target audiences. She suggested that content should be shaped according to the characteristics of these groups. Türkden also mentioned that having a single message to convey can be effectively diversified through different expressions and visuals tailored to the platforms.

Yelda Ülken, the Senior Social Media Specialist at Altınbaş University, discussed the recent developments in social media during her presentation. She provided information and recommendations on current techniques that official educational institutions can use to enhance their social media presence effectively.