Architecture (Turkish)

Vision and Mission


Altınbaş University Architecture Undergraduate Program is based on the vision of a Türkiye and a world with healthy and sustainable living environments that respond to physical, social, environmental and spiritual needs and where natural risk factors are minimized. In this direction, it aims to play an active role in the formation of an architecture that considers human values, is not indifferent to the negative effects of the conditions of the age on the built environment, utilizes innovations in the field of technology in order to move architectural design and application processes forward, and is the product of creative and original thinking.


The mission of Altınbaş University Architecture Undergraduate Program is to educate its students as creative designers, sensitive and responsible professionals, team members, competent practitioners and critical thinkers. Within the framework of a learner-oriented, flexible and technically supportive educational environment, the academic community, consisting of administrative staff, faculty members and students, aims to develop an innovative research culture by adhering to academic and professional evaluation standards at national and international level.