Message from the Head of Department

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Fatoş ALTINBAŞ

In our age, where social and political transformations spread rapidly through information technologies, intercultural interaction, cross-border mobility and economic activities take place on a global scale, it is important to understand societies and social relations and to be able to react appropriately. For this reason, more than ever, we need individuals who understand the basic problematics of the society we live in - such as gender, social inequality and differences, the relationship between state and civil society, the relationship between nature and society - and who can develop social policy proposals on these issues.

Altınbaş University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences Department of Sociology, with its dynamic, innovative and experienced academic staff, aims to educate sociologists who have a solid theoretical background and methodological competence, analytical and critical thinking skills, can produce solutions to social problems with the sociological perspective they have acquired, and are aware of their social responsibilities and ethical values.

Our program offers its students courses that aim to provide and produce knowledge about the formation and transformation processes of societies, the functioning of social structures and institutions, and their interaction with political, economic and cultural structures and institutions. Our department helps its students to build an intellectual background while contributing to the development of critical thinking through historical perspective and comparative analysis.

Under the guidance of our academic staff who have international academic experience and interdisciplinary equipment, have a command of different theoretical and methodological approaches, and are experienced in qualitative and quantitative field studies, our department offers its students education and research opportunities at international academic standards and aims to provide them with professional skills and academic knowledge in line with the requirements of the globalizing world and business life.

Prof. Dr. Faculty Member Fatma ALTINBAŞ
Head of SociologyDepartment